Reading Response 1: Long Live Web

This is probably the first time I’m looking closely into web development and what it takes behind in making simple to sophisticated looking websites. It’s interesting to realize that I have been taking web as a tool for granted and simply being on the consuming end. But this reading in a subtle way reminds the web users to make efforts to safeguard the principle of egalitarianism on which it was built.

Reading this article allowed me to understand the larger issues facing web. Internet and web design being two separate thing, and the idea of keeping the two separate wand how monopolization of web by big social networking sites actually limits innovation, are something I learned from this article.

In one of my journalism ethics class, the professor alerted everyone to be careful about what we put out there on the web, specially on social networking sites. But that was primarily in terms of journalistic ethics. But I never thought carefully about infringing the rights and, specially in terms of human rights issue when it comes to web. For sure web and mobile apps have played big roles in Arab Spring and many countries, despite strict censorship and monitoring of web, so it is interesting learn from this article on how web users have roles in keeping the free web alive!

This article also introduced me to the differences between applications and mobile sites, and the changes that are taking place.

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