Week 2: HTML Form and PHP

I’m still struggling to understand the basics of HTML and a good understanding of FTP, before going deeper into designing web pages and familiarizing myself with CSS to properly format and layout my first simple web page. However, my understanding is now beginning to take shape. But, for someone without any knowledge on the technical world of web, programming and processing languages sounds very intimidating now.

I also learned that there is an alternative without having to worry about all the hassles to programming. There are dozens of CMS services such as WordPress that can make setting up and designing a web page easier and dozens of online blog services to setup a blog.

To do more advanced features on a website such as forums, web page counters, guest books, online e-mail, and other stuffs, becoming familiar with or learning CGI programming languages such as PHP or Perl is the next step.

However, the PHP tutorials on lynda.com didn’t take me that far. It is taking more time to grasp the bigger picture of PHP. So I’m more on the nervous side to implement PHP on my next form.

As of now I have managed to build a very SIMPLE & BASIC FORM!.

In this form, I tried to understand how to text in variables, and then display their values in a browser. I also tried to understand what I really need to know to start working with PHP or understand how it works. The tutorial says it’s rather “ugly name for a very powerful scripting language” but at the same time it’s ” relatively easy to learn.” Among a wide range of tasks, PHP can be used for processing online forms or uploading files, and that’s what I will try to do with my PHP form in my next assignment. I tried testing the way variables works in PHP. But, I definitely have to spend more time on parsing variables and code as I move on to the next level.

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