Reading Response 3: Art and the APIs

Brief response and brainstorm interesting, wacky, innovative, possibly “big” ideas for projects using APIs:

Reading the article Art and the API allowed me to understand that API has a lot of utility to the point that “our  day-to-day interaction with social networks, e-mail applications or mobile apps is facilitated by APIs.” I have never stopped a second to think and imagine how all these are made functional.

The ‘open API’ model success first initiated by Twitter, allowing others to build interactive products around the system.

Despite these limited understanding of what API is capable of doing, I’m still running short of any creative let alone “big” ideas. What I would like to try on is create a simple city-based weather forecast that I can place on my own blog, or may be based on the location of user, show the weather condition. I personally feel, a good app is one that is simple and user friendly, rather than something is overloaded with features.

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