Alternative Project Proposal Description

I thought of creating a web-based app using “openweathermap” API that hits back a type of “whether you should visit message” based on weather condition for a location (city) a user is planning to visit. The option is a user can check up to 7 days in advance to a planned visit based on 7-day weather forecast.

Here is the link to the HTML Form:

To start with, I wanted to confine to New York city ( to test the outcome, although this is just a proposal sample.

This app is handy for users who are planning the visit over a week’s time for which weather forecast data might be available.

The user’s info is stored in a CSV that will show other users who are also visiting the same city around the same date.

In short, the app is to check whether visit a place (city) based on weather on or from a selected date.

Once a user’s inputs are collected, the outcome would most likely be attached with one of the following messages depending on weather condition (temperature):

Temp: 1-30 ‘F’ – A: Extreme winter weather, you might want to reconsider your visit.
Temp: 31-50 ‘F’ – B: Late winter – Are you sure you want to visit now?
Temp: 51 – 70 ‘F’ – C: Seems Springtime – looks good!
Temp: 71 – 90 ‘F’ – D: It is summer here!
Temp: 91-200 ‘F’ – E: Hot summer – you might want to reconsider.

Note: Since it is based on week-long weather forecast, this app will not be suitable for users with plans too far in advance like a month from now.

I want to also possibly show lists of people who have filled out the search form, in response to a new user’s search, including the range of dates they have entered. (e.g. let’s say These people also searched to visit [city name] around the same time.) For aesthetic purpose, the weather condition can be displayed by cartoon images, based on Sunny, Rain, snow, clear sky and so on…

And add up would be to add nearby cities or places using Foursquare mash up. I, however, don’t have much idea if that would possibly come to fruition. But I want to keep trying.

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